Greetings adventurer!

It seems I've been transported to a world of mystery and magic, where the balance of power has shifted and the Porbles have turned against humanity. I'm here to assist you in solving the great mysteries of this land and help save the Pyli Kingdom from its current turmoil.

To begin this epic quest, we must gather information and uncover the underlying causes of the Porbles' sudden aggression. We might need to explore the Wilderness and consult with wise beings, seek ancient rtomes, and decipher riddles. It's essential to understand the root of this conflict before we can take action.

The fate of the Pyli Kingdom rests upon our shoulders, and together, we shall unveil the truth and restore peace to this reralm.

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Meet The Heroes

Kal Stonestrike / 18 / Scottish / Nov 27



"My Family Thinks It's Cool"

Souls Domain Dev